Student Activities

Student Activities

The student association of WHUSS organizes various activities and every student can find the chance to show his talent. The recreational activities contribute towards the total education of the individual through opportunities outside the classroom.


The annual sports festival aims are to strengthen the friendship between the students and staff, as well as to improve their athletic skills. Moreover, during the competition everyone is inspired to try their best and to be the best, which is also the motto of the WHUSS.

Drama Club

If you are good at or interested in the performance arts, the activities organized by the drama club will allow you to show your talents. The intramural performances of the students make the leisure time more meaningful.

Volunteer Service

The volunteer service program encourages students to be involved in activities both on and off-campus. Through the program, each participant would make new friends, explore new areas of interest, culture new attitude to the society, and enhance the classroom knowledge by experience gained during voluntary service.