• Fu Yuchuan
    • Professor
    • Phone No: 027-87686216
    • E-mail: fuyuchuan@whu.edu.cn



    Research Field

    • Etiology of Orofacial Cleft
    • Treatment of Cleft lip and palate
    • Aesthetic and Reconstructive surgery of facial defects



    • Undergraduate student, from February 1978 to July 1982


    Oversea Study and Visit

    ·2004.06-07 Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, UK,

    Honors and Awards

    • 2013. “Life Hero” elected by the National Health and Family Planning Commission of the PRC.
    • 2014. “Excellent volunteer” selected by the Hubei Charity Association.
    • 2016. “Gold reputation Doctor of Wuhan City” elected by the Chutian Metropolis Daily
    • 2016. Excellent Communist of Wuhan University
    • 2017. Top Ten teachers of Wuhan University



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