• Yufeng Zhang
    • Professor
    • Phone No: 027-87686222
    • E-mail: zyf@whu.edu.cn



    Research Field

    ·Periodontal Bone Regeneration

    ·Bone Substitute Biomaterials

    ·Clinical Trial in Dental Implantology

    ·Implant Surface


       · Ph.D. student from July 2002 to December 2006 , Majored in Dental Implantology, Supervised by Prof. Bin Shi and Prof. Xiangrong Cheng


    l Undergraduate student, from September 1997 to July 2002


    Oversea Study and Visit

    ·    September, 2008 — August, 2010 Queensland University of Technology, Postdoctoral Researchers

    ·    October, 2010 —October, 2011 University of Bern, Research Fellow

    Honors and Awards

    ·    National Nature Science Foundation of China. The mechanism of HnRNPL in Strontium induced osteogenesis. 81570954

    ·    National Nature Science Foundation of China. The molecular mechanism and application of Sema 4D in osteoporosis related maxillary bone remodeling, 81271108

    ·    Chinese Stomatological Association Award for young talents 3rd place nationwide, 2008

    ·    Outstanding Doctorate Dissertation Award, Hubei Province, 2008

    ·    Zhu Yubi Medical Prize, Wuhan University, 2010

    ·    New Century Excellent Talents in University of Ministry of Education of China,2011

    ·    Win Excellent Youth Foundation of Hubei,2011

    ·    Award for Science and Technology Progress of Hubei Province, the Second Prize, 2012

    ·    Natural Science Award of Hubei Province, the Second Prize, 2015


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