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2018 Annual Meeting of IADR Chinese Division Was Held in Wuhan


Approved by Chinese Stomatological Association, the Annual Meeting of IADR Chinese Division organized by IADR Chinese Division, hosted by School of Stomatology, Wuhan University was held from March 28th to 30th, 2018 in Wuhan. Nearly 300 delegates were registered to attend this meeting.

This meeting started at 8 a.m. on March 29th, 2018. Professor Yu Guangyan, the President of Chinese Stomatological Association, delivered a speech first to welcome national and international stomatological experts for academic exchange. Subsequently, Professor Guo Chuanbin, the President of IADR Chinese Division and Professor Bian Zhuan, the Executive President of IADR Chinese Division gave a speech respectively and expressed their gratitude to the association for its continued strong support and concerted efforts of brother units throughout the country. Professor Paula Moynihan, the Vice President of IADR, gave a final address to wish the meeting a success.

Special foreign gusts including Professor Paula Moynihan (University of Newcastle of UK, the Vice President of IADR), Professor Jocelyne Feine (McGill University of Canada, Editor-in-Chief of JDR-Clinical &Translational Research), Professor Wang Cunyu (University of California, Los Angeles, foreign member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, member of National Academy of Medicine of USA), and Professor Jin Lijian (Faculty of Dentistry, The University of Hong Kong, next IADR Asia Pacific Regional Board Member) and many national experts were invited to address the meeting. In addition, 30 delegates spoke at the meeting and 152 delegates made poster presentation.

During the annual meeting, the Board of Directors of IADR Chinese Division held a meeting to elect new Board of Directors. Professor Chen Jihua is elected as new President of IADR Chinese Division (2018-2020). At the same time, The 14th Outstanding Young Scholars Award Competition of IADR Chinese Division was held. Dr. Fan Yi (Sichuan University) and Dr. Wen Jin (Shanghai Jiao Tong University) gained the first prize. Dr. Ke Yao (The Fourth Military Medical University), Dr. Jiang Wenkai (The Fourth Military Medical University), Dr. Lin Chujiao (Wuhan University) and Dr. Liu Yang (Peking University) were granted the second prize respectively. The rest 10 competitors got excellence award. At the closing ceremony, the award ceremony for the Outstanding Young  Scholars Award was held. President Guo Chuanbin and Executive President Bian Zhuan expressed their heartfelt thanks to all guests. The new President, Professor Chen Jihua delivered his inaugural speech and then received the president badge from President Guo Chuanbin. The meeting ended with a victory.

The Annual meeting of IADR Chinese Division provides a communication platform for oral medicine researchers, especially young scholars, to promote the continuous development of oral Medicine research in China, further enhance the cohesion and international influence of IADR Chinese Division, and strengthen exchanges and cooperation among institutions in the field of oral Medicine research as well as international exchanges.


Office of IADR Chinese Division   He Miao

Research Office   Lin Bin

March 30th , 2018