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Dr. Bin Liu from Yale University Visited Our Hospital


On May 21st, 2018, Dr. Bin Liu from Yale University came to our hospital for an academic exchange. Mentored by Prof. Zhao Yifang and Prof. Zhang Wenfeng, Dr. Bin Liu started his undergraduate study in 1992 and graduate study in 1999 in School of Stomatology, Wuhan University. After completing his doctoral period in Nanyang Technological University in 2006, he worked in The Scripps Research Institute as a postdoctoral fellow. Since 2008, he had been working in Dr. Thomas A. Steitz’s lab of Yale University (Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 2009). Engaged in structural biology research in a long time, he has attained many research achievements, and published some academic papers in related journals including one paper in Science, two papers in PNASand one paper in Nature Communication. Besides, one of his papers has been accepted by Nature. he took office in The Hormel Institute of University of Minnesota just now. 


In the afternoon, Vice Dean Chen Zhi, on behalf of our hospital, delivered a speech to welcome Dr. Bin Liu’s visit in the academic hall on the fifth floor. Subsequently, Dr. Bin Liu gave his academic lecture titled “Structural Insights into Bacterial Transcription and Its Regulation” and vividly demonstrated the use of research methods of structural biology in the study of bacterial transcription and the function as well as mechanism of protein expression, providing new research ideas for our teachers and students. The lecture attracted great interest of the graduate students and teachers of our hospital. The audience present enthusiastically asked some questions, and had a deep communication and discussion with Dr. Bin Liu in an active atmosphere. After the lecture, Dean Bian Zhuan awarded the certificate of appreciation to Dr. Bin Liu.


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