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Experts from the University of Iowa Visited Our Hospital


On May 17th, 2018, four experts from the University of Iowa including Prof. Robert A Cornell (Vice Chair for Research of Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology), Prof. Brad A Amendt (Associate Dean for research at the College of Dentistry), Prof. Xianjin Xie (Director of Division of Biostatistics and Computational Biology and Associate Prof.Liu Hong (College of Dentistry) were invited to visit our hospital. Prof. Bian Zhuan (Dean) and Prof. Chen Zhi (Vice Dean) warmly welcomed the guests. 

At the academic meeting in the afternoon, Vice Dean Chen Zhi introduced the basic situation of our hospital to the guests firstly, and expressed the hope to establish cooperation and exchange with international well-known universities. Subsequently, the four experts gave their academic reports on molecular mechanism of genetic riskof cleft lip and palate, inhibition of miRNA activity in transgenic mice and its therapeutic uses, the uses of miRNA in the treatment of bone deficiency diseases, and repeatability of researchrespectively. These reports were humorous and easy to be understood, which greatly aroused the enthusiasm of the teachers and students in our hospital. They proposed some related questions on the contents of these reports actively and got patient explanation and guidance. This meeting gave some guidance and enlightenments on the research of pathogenesis of cleft lip and palate, the application of miRNA in the treatment of oral diseases and so on. After completing reports, Vice Dean Chen Zhi presented certificate of appreciation to the experts in turn. 

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