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Dean of the School of Dentistry, the University of Manchester and Experts from Cochrane Oral Health Group Visited Our Hospital


Prof. Paul Coulthard, Dean of the School of Dentistry, the University of Manchester, and experts from Cochrane Oral Health Group, including Prof. Helen Worthington (Founding Editor), Prof. Jan Clarkson (Co-ordinating Editor) and Prof. Tanya Walsh (Statistical Editor) were invited to visit our hospital on May 14th, 2018.


Both sides attended the opening ceremony of our Center for Evidence-Based Stomatology, WHUSS and successfully held The WHU–UoM Evidence-Based Stomatology Symposium. At the symposium, Prof. Paul Coulthard introduced the School of Dentistry, The University of Manchester. Besides, the rest three experts of Cochrane Oral Health Group and  Dr. Hua Fang gave wonderful speeches on some topics related to evidence-based stomatology.


 Established in 1993, Cochrane Collaboration is a famous international non-profit organization with the purpose of promoting the development of evidence-based medicine in the long run. As one of the 55 systematic review groups of Cochrane Collaboration, Cochrane Oral Health Group, whose editorial office is located in the University of Manchester, is dedicated to the production and maintenance of Cochrane systematic reviews in the field of dentistry. 

The Center for Evidence-Based Stomatology is a newly established scientific research institution in our hospital with Prof. Bian Zhuan as the Director and Dr. Hua Fang as the Executive Vice Director. On the basis of collaboration with Cochrane Oral Health Group, the center will carry out the organization, consultation and implementation of the clinical evidence-based research in our hospital, as well as the education and training of the teachers and graduate students, so as to strengthen the high level of oral clinical research in our hospital and promote the construction of “Double First-class" disciplines. 


Center for Evidence-Based Stomatology

Dr. Hua Fang