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German Experts in Dental Prosthodontics Came to Lecture in Our Hospital


German Experts in Dental Prosthodontics Came to Lecture in Our Hospital


On Nov. 5th, 2018, Prof. Eva Engel (Director of Department of Restorative Dentistry, The University of Tübingen) and Prof. Juergen M. Setz (Director of Department of Prosthodontics, Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg) came to lecture in our hospital at the invitation of Department of Prosthodontics, WHUSS.



Prof. Chen Zhi (Vice Dean of WHUSS), Dr. He Miao (Deputy Director of Scientific Research Office, WHUSS), and Prof. Huang Cui (Director of Department of Prosthodontics, WHUSS) discussed some related issues with these two experts. Prof. Huang Cui gave a welcome speech and a brief introduction of the clinical, scientific and teaching work of Department of Prosthodontics.


After the discussion, the two experts made wonderful speeches for our faculties and students. Prof. Juergen M. Setz explained the principles of telescopic crown and planting rod card with some vivid examples.



Prof. Eva Engel demonstrated the clinical procedures of telescopic crown and planting rod card and some attentions in them by introducing some clinical cases and then proposed some treatment planning. In particular, the clinical cases of TMD patients provided some new perspectives of TMD patients. Subsequently, our students and teachers from Department of Prosthodontics discussed some  complicated cases with the two experts, and they gave some constructing suggestions as feedback.



It is said that the two well-known professors have profound knowledge in the field of traditional and implant restoration. Prof. Eva Engel was not only Dr. Zhou Yi’s  training instructor during his advanced studies in Germany, but also the mentor of our schoolfellow Bao Yan and Xu Zeqian.  This activity has deepened the understanding and friendship between the two sides, enabled our teachers and students to acquire new knowledge, and laid a good foundation for further cooperation and exchanges in the future.