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Seminar on the Application of the Erasmus+ Project Was Held Successfully in Our Hospital


On the afternoon of Nov. 14th, 2018, the seminar on the application of the Erasmus + Project was held in our hospital.




Representatives of the project participants were invited to attend the seminar, including Prof. Nico Creugers, Prof. Qian Zhang, Prof. Jos Brommer, Prof. Hans Von den Hoff from Radboud University, Prof. Sun Weibin (Vice Dean of Nanjing Stomatological Hospital, Nanjing University), Prof. Chen Wenxia (Vice Dean of Guangxi Medical University College of Stomatology), Prof, Chen Zhi (Vice Dean of Wuhan University School of Stomatology) etc. Besides, some other leaders like Prof. Huang Cui, Dr. He Miao, Dr. Hua Fang also came to this seminar. On behalf of our hospital, Vice Dean Chen Zhi warmly welcomed these domestic and foreign guests.




During the seminar, Prof. Nico Creugers gave a brief introduction of the background and the progress of the Erasmus+ Project. Then, each delegation reported its features and discussed some core issues of this project, proposing valuable suggestions for the project’s application.



The Erasmus+ program is a European funding program aimed at ensuring a structural, long-lasting impact through building capacity and modernising higher education institutions in ‘program’ and ‘partner’ countries in and outside Europe respectively. For this project, a minimum of 2 universities in European ‘program countries’ and 3 universities in a partner country (China) are required. The duration is 2 years.


With Radboud University as the application leader, Nanjing Stomatological Hospital, Nanjing University, Guangxi Medical University College of Stomatology and Wuhan University School of Stomatology as the participants, this project aims at creating a web-based online dental education program that will facilitate collaborative team-based learning between Chinese and European dental students, educators and professionals, and that will stimulate integration of knowledge and perspectives across relevant subject areas into comprehensive dental treatment planning. It will support the modernization, accessibility and internationalization of the higher education field in the eligible Partner Countries, contributing to the cooperation between the EU and the eligible Partner Countries (and amongst the eligible Partner Countries).