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YuxianZhu, Dean of the Institute for Advanced Studies of Wuhan University, came to our hospital for an academic exchange


July 2017, Professor Yuxian Zhu, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and dean of the institute for Advanced Studies of Wuhan University, was invited to have an academic exchange with the postgraduate studentsofChungShanMedicalUniversity and our hospital.He made a presentation titled “Studies on the assembly, evolution and comparativegenomic of cotton genome” and won widely praises from the specialists and the students at present.

“We compared the G. hirsutum assembly to the putative ancestral species, G. raimondii and G. arboreum, to investigate subgenome evolution and gene function including genes related to fiber biology” ProfessorYuxian Zhugave an excellent academic report.

  The presentation given by Professor Yuxian Zhuhas high academic reference value to the students. In the future clinical and academic working, we will learn from Professor Zhu.